Lunch in Arth-Goldau, Switzerland as we await our 15:50 ICE to Milan in preparation for Sundays Grand Prix!!

A late lunch as we’ve been awake since 5:30 this morning to get the first train up Jungfraujoch. Awesome until we got to the top where it was cloudy! The altitude didn’t agree with Alex, he went as white as a sheet and almost collapsed due to the 11,700ft worth of air thinness.

We headed back down the mountain on the next train and at about 8,000ft colour was restored to his cheeks and by 7,000ft life was back to normal again.

4 trains after leaving the summit we are sat in Arth-Goldau square enjoying Ice Cream and copious sunshine. 2 trains and 1 bus left before we arrive about 10:30pm in Arona for a well earned bed!!