Hi chaps,

Tonight will be the last proper entry until we hit Innsbruck on Thursday night (all being well) as we are entering radio blackout zone for the next 3 days!

Today is the middle of the holiday! What a honeymoon it’s been so far. Today only added to our list as we ticked off Pompeii’s sister site Herculaneum. It was again very hot and we got round the whole site (slowly) in about 2 hours.

After this we jumped on a Ferry from Napoli to Capri, found our charming little hotel that overlooks the sea and sunset. It’s a crazy place to drive here! The roads are about as wide a car yet two buses race past each other. They are crazy here. Glad we didn’t hire scooters in the end.

Sorry this is a short post but I’ve been planning the next few days travel and it’s late. I’ll try to do a proper post without pictures tomorrow.

For now though, he are the best pictures from Herculaneum today - which was an incredible sight. Gives you a real sense what it was like to be a Roman - and in general how short they all were! Their doorways are perfect Cat height (5ft) but even I at my modest 5ft 10 had to duck or would have been seeing stars.

So, enjoy the pics for today and I’ll tell you some stories tomorrow.