We are two tired kids tonight. Been travelling near enough non stop since 10am this morning. But! We are pleased to report that we have made it to our friends (thank you Apricot, Suzy and Alistair!) beautiful house in Tuscany.

As ever Italy had one more surprise to throw at us when we were trying to hire the car. I’d made a booking with Sixt to rent a fiat 500 for the next 3 days. After standing in a queue of one person for 30 minutes! We finally reached the front. The guy had our reservation – but then came payment. I handed over our MasterCard that has been used all holiday.

“sorry, not accept. Not credit card.” said the sixt Italian man
“oh well have my debit cards instead then for the… €1000 deposit!” said I.
“No, no. Debit no good. Credit card only.”

Thanks sixt. You only accept people with borrowed money – not real money. Ok? Weirdos. I called him a rude name and we walked off to plan B.

Being Italy, I’d assumed something would go wrong and made a second car reservation with Europcar. It was €260 for the same hire as Sixt charged €210 for, but they were much better. They accepted the debit card no problem. Even asked us “Fiat Panda? Or the 500?”
“Hmmmmm….. The 500?!” said us both together!

So we’ve spent the entire day on plan B, then briefly back to A and then on C. Seriously – I’m ready for anything that travel can throw now!!!!

The experience of driving a car on the wrong side for the first time was really something. We picked our hire car up from Roma Termini which is right in the centre of the city, due to our delays it was now 16:30. Rush hour in Rome for a baptism of fire!

We made it through the traffic – treating everyone like a lunatic with good reason unscathed and out to the AutoStrade. The sat nav took us through the same toll booth twice round in a 3 mile circle thanks to new crash barrier it didn’t know about that stood in our way. Other than that, it was a beautiful drive across to the East coast through some spectacular scenery. We were even chasing the storm from last night across the country leading to some awesome lightning shows over the sea.

The drive leading into the cottage, it was dark by now too, is very steep and rocky. Our fiat 500 grounded so many times! At once stage the front wheels were off the ground and we thought we were buggered. Thankfully, the car rocked and alex gave it a right boot full and we bounced off and on our way!

The next two days should be really quiet. Only the sun and a few trees for company. Can’t wait – then on to Innsbruck on Thursday.

Ciao babies!!