The OBDeleven is a fun little device that lets a VW / Audi owner access the internal 'coding' of their car and customise or add features it didn't ship with from the factory.

Here's a little video showing you the brake / indicator lights before and after coding.

Customised indicators

Running on Android only the companion app to the hardware dongle that plugs into the vehicles OBD port is very straightforward to use. I purchased the pro model so that I got some extra 'credits' and also the ability to do long coding.

Customised digital dashboard

One thing that is really lacking in the community is a searchable database of the tweaks and modifications that are possible to make. I wonder if this is something I should consider doing with mkdocs or similar.

There are dozens of other small modifications I've made to make the US spec Golf behave more like it's European cousin.

  • ACC resume automatically after 3 seconds when stopped
  • Change the steering wheel controls to default 5mph increments instead of 1mph + press and hold
  • Comfort close windows from the keyfob
  • Reversing passenger side mirror autodip
  • Disable seatbelt beeps on startup
  • and loads more...

I'd highly recommend anyone with a VAG car to get this OBDeleven Pro device. VCS used to cost $$$ thousands and require a laptop. But here all you need is an Android device, what's not to like?